Objectives of Harmony

"Is it possible to establish a reliable power system which has a dominant amount of power electronics based sources and loads by means of analysis tools and control?"

The goal is to obtain “Harmony” between renewable energy sources, the power system and the loads in order to keep stability in all aspects seen from a harmonic point of view which is an urgent need due to the fast growth of power electronic based generators and loads.

Europe is leading the implementation of renewable energy systems as well as the European energy efficiency program results in a significant amount of power electronics interfaced loads. Germany is e.g. the leader in photo-voltaic and Denmark is the leader in the relative amount of installed wind power compared to the total installed power.

Being able in advance to develop tools and methods which solve critical issues in the implementation of the above programs will be of benefit for the industry, the power system operators and the society. It is planned that the results and tools will be available on a web-site for “Harmony”.

About harmony