The project will run for 5 years and is organized into 3 task areas.

Task 1-Modeling of power electronics based power systems

The different apparatus in power electronics based power system will be moded taking into account a wide-band behavior. 

Task 2-Harmonic analysis and mitigation

Devloping tools for analysis of harmonics being present in a power system as well as proposing methods to reduce the harmonics in a proper way to keep stability.

Task 3-Stability and system assessment

Using the knowledge of the previous two tasks to improve the harmonic reliability of small-scale and larger-scale power systems. The methods need also to be evaluated on an experimental platform.


“Harmony” will fund 4 Ph.D. students and 5 Post Docs (2 Year each). The Principal Investigator will overall be in charge of the project being responsible to achieve goals/milestones and he will supervise some of the Ph.D. students and Post Docs. Collaborators will provide guidance to the Ph.D. students and contribute with related activities, which they have in their own research portfolio.

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